Tabitha Twistle

Sweet Tabitha was surrendered to Roadogs & Rescue from an extremely neglectful situation. She was used as a breeding dog and basically was kicked to the curb when her last litter produced all dead puppies. She came to us with a host of health issues. A serious untreated UTI that we believe contributed to her kidney disease, an eye injury that had been successfully healed although she still had extreme dry eye and an elongated palate that could not be surgically corrected because anesthesia was not an option due to the severity of her kidney failure. Even with all these issues, Tabitha was such a happy girl. She was obsessed with her purple ball and played with it every single day. She loved every human she met with the cutest tail wiggle. She loved to play bite and cuddle at night with her male Bully housemates. We were able to give her 10 months of love and laughter and the best care possible. She was an absolute gem. Her life truly mattered to us and will never be forgotten.