Road Dogs Recommends

We want to share our favourite brands with you because we believe quality and customer satisfaction are important.
We also want to support small businesses!

And they are supporting us by donating 15% back to Road Dogs when you order through our website.
So, you get great products and we get to save more lives.

Sammy's Sew Shop

Use code RDLEMONS at checkout to help support Road Dogs. Sammy’s Sew Shop is a family owned business that focuses on creating pet beds & Accessories that are both functional and beautiful.

We strive to create only the best for your best, because lets face it, they deserve it! 100% USA made pet products. Handcrafted from sustainable materials with love from our family to yours.

Hot Dogs All Dressed Up

Here at Hot Dogs all dressed inc. we are a small shop that takes pride in hand crafting your accessories to give you quality pet products while having a little fun.

From classic to contemporary, urban to country, we make a durable, practical, fashionable product that speaks to your lifestyle while allowing you to have something unique that you will cherish. Plain or with colorful quirky decorations, let our accessories tell the world your own story.

Every piece is lovingly made as if it was for our own and we welcome you to be part of our shop experience by letting us create something for your family. We’ve been manufacturing here in Montreal, Canada since 1996 and we also have, over the years, tried to do our part by supporting our local rescue communities by giving them collars so their dogs can be adopted with something pretty. A fresh start with a fresh collar.

Darwin's Natural Pet Products

Enter the code Roadogs2020 at checkout with 10 lbs of Personalized Raw Dog Food for $14.95 and a pack of venison jerky treats. Based on your purchase, a donation will be made on behalf of Darwin’s to Road Dogs & Rescue.

Darwin’s Natural Pet Products delivers the food your pets were born to eat right to your door. Using only the highest quality ingredients, formulated by experts in pet science and nutrition, Darwin’s makes feeding a fresh, raw diet easy. All of our meals are species-appropriate and minimally processed to ensure your dog is getting only the best.

Fluff Trough

The first feeder of its kind, the Fluff Trough was invented by a dog mom looking for a better solution to feed her pug who struggled to eat from traditional feeders.

The Fluff Trough is vet-approved and has a reputation for being the best bowl ever created, especially for flat-faced pets.