Loveable Lemon Custom ID Tag


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Personalized Loveable Lemon ID Tag
Please add your Pets Name and Phone Number in the notes/comment section so we can get your order processed quickly.
A clear phone number on an ID tag that is easy to read is the simplest way to get your pet home. Our ID tags are light weight, durable and easy to read. The engraving is black to contrast with the silver or brass finish which makes it clear and legible.
The tags are lightweight, durable, won’t rust and easy to read.
They are oxidized to blacken the engraving to make it clear and easy to read.
They can be engraved with a short name and one phone number- simplest way to get your pets home!!
The enameled tags are approximately 1” in size and come with a split ring for easy attachment
Silver finish only.
ID Tags are independently shipped from and will not come combined with other order items.

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