Magnolia “Wookie” Skeebers

This amazing dog changed our lives, and touched the hearts of everyone who knew her.  She had a fan club wherever she went and was always ready to make a new friend.  Grateful to us for rescuing her, she brought joy to our family every day.

Super fast when she wanted to run, but she mostly wanted to be near us, Maggie was an absolute delight.  Most likely born incontinent, as many female wheaton terriers are, we got her when she was about one and half years old.  The first time we put a diaper on her, she pulled it off within minutes.  After the experimental surgery that put a device inside of her, called a hydraulic occluder, we tried again with the diapers.  Whether she understood our instructions to leave it on, or she associated it with having couch and bed privledges, she never took it off again.  In from her walk, or the yard, and she’d pose for you by the door, waiting for her diaper.

Many people would not have stuck with her through the expensive surgieries and special accomadations, a few vets even recommended we give up.  It was almost 10 years later when her constant infections finally caught up with her beautiful spirit.  She chose to leave us on Memorial Day, making certain she gave us each plenty of time to say goodbye before the end.