It sucks not being able to properly say goodbye to an old friend. And thank them for everyting they have been to you.

Huxley was almost 14 when he died and I took it for granted that he was just always there. It’s still hard to look at his photos and videos and accept that my Grumplestiltskin, my ride or die, my Road Dog has gone.

Huxley was rescued from CL in 2008 when his previous owner was selling him because he was having back surgery. I wanted a mastiff at the time and just thought Huxley was this strange little guy! It’s ironic that Hux became known for his grumple face, because one of the reasons I fell in love with him was that he had such joy and made me laugh so much. He loved pottering around in the grass, barking loudly for his breakfast, then dinner at 4pm. Or pretty much any time you walked in the kitchen! He loved car rides, and attention from people. He was deaf but I talked to him like he could hear. He was the inspiration behind Road Dogs and the reason we focused on bulldogs. He was the mascot and so many people came to care about our cause and give because of him.

Death always reminds me about what matters in life. Don’t fall for the illusion that it’s about stuff. Giving back and lifting up the spirits of those – animal or human – who need us, is so much more meaningful. It’s often so easy to get distracted by the noise and not focus on what is right in front of us. I know I do. Don’t wait until tomorrow to do the things you love, your family loves, your dog loves.

Do not stand by my grave and weep,
I am the fart in every bedhog that sleeps….

Love you, Hux 💔❤