Hugh Laurie and Stu Bug

Hugh Laurie was the kindest, sweetest most loving dog i have ever known.  He had a very calm demeanor, rarely barked and pretty much was just good every minute of every day. he loved his orange and white brother stubug-they were great friends. they both passed away in 2017, and my life will never be the same without them in it. today,  I have another pug named Ted whom I love dearly.  He has a very different personality but is equally as sweet and loving. loving a dog or cat changes your life.  Receiving the unconditional love that they always give is an amazing feeling that I have never experienced from another living, breathing creature.  What they ask for in return is nothing compared to what they give.

I love and miss you hugh laurie and my stubug and in my heart, i know that you are waiting for me along with all of the other loving pets I have had in my life. the grief I feel from your leaving is far surpassed by the love you gave me while you were here. thank you. i love and miss you both beyond measure.