Operation BullPug

Road Dogs & Rescue was just told of 50+ bulldogs, Frenchies and pugs originally rescued from the meat trade in China, but now abandoned by another rescue in Beijiing. So we stepped up to help and will bring them to the US and find them loving homes. There are over 30 pugs alone. You could be the difference in saving these pups lives. We need your help!

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Franc's Fund

Franc’s Fund was set up in memory of a special mastiff, adopted by James Roday. Franc was one of the original Road Dogs gangsters and after being adopted by James and Maggie, he was able to live the loved life.

Big dogs are always harder to rescue and place. And since mastiffs are, well, extra big, this fund is dedicated to helping those gentle giants who walk on the larger side of life!

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Please send checks payable to:

Road Dogs & Rescue
25131 Narbonne Ave #489
Lomita, CA 90717

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