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November 10, 2020In Health & Wellness, Diet & Nutrition

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, what better time than now to discuss food, diet, and your dog!

Just like humans, the food your dog eats will play a large factor in its overall health and well-being. Here at Road Dogs, we have found that feeding a high-quality diet has helped cure some common bulldog issues such as allergies, skin complications, chronic ear infections, and a slew of other problems. Additionally, we have seen success in helping to keep conditions like IBD, kidney disease, and diabetes under control, prolonging the lives of our best friends.

French bulldog looking at fruit

Why We Do Not Recommend Kibble as Part of a Regular Feeding Routine

As a general rule, we typically do not recommend kibble as part of a regular diet since the dog food industry is completely unregulated. As long as there are chicken byproducts included, the companies are allowed to say that it is “chicken” when in fact it may not be the parts of the chicken you would ever want to feed your pup. Most kibble options are loaded with preservatives and chemicals so they are able to sit on shelves for years and still be “healthy” to feed. However, there ARE some good kibble options out there, you just need to do your research and choose the right one.

Tips for Finding Healthy Dog Food Options

How do you go about finding a good/healthy food option for your pup that meets your lifestyle and budget?

  1. Find a couple of options that you would consider
  2. Research online to see if any of the brands have had product recalls. If they have, find out how long ago, what it was for, and what issues it was causing in dogs who ate it
  3. Read the labels and see what the ingredients are. You do not want to choose any food that has byproducts, soy, or corn. You should be able to easily pronounce all ingredients included and always look for an option where the first ingredient is a meat/protein

What About Grain-Free Diets?

While grain-free diets were a fad for a while, recently there has been a lot of press about them and the potential harm they may cause dogs. We do not recommend a grain-free diet unless your dog has been tested and is allergic. In the event you do need to feed grain-free, we recommend adding taurine as a supplement, which can easily be found on Amazon or other places that sell vitamins.

Dog Foods We Like to Feed/Recommend

Below are some of the brands we recommend. Keep in mind each dog has its own unique needs and while a specific food may work great for one dog, it may not work as well for your dog. When it comes to feeding a bulldog, we typically stay away from chicken as the protein source as many are allergic. And it never hurts to add a good probiotic to your daily feeding routine!

Real Food (these options are all made from USDA certified human-grade food)

  • Just Food for Dogs
  • Open Farm
  • My Perfect Pet
  • The Farmer’s Dog
  • Homemade – Many people choose to make their own food so that they know exactly what’s going in it. You can find a ton of recipes and resources online, and Just Food for Dogs offers DIY kits to help you prepare their recipes at home. Always make sure that whatever you prepare is balanced and includes the correct amount of calories, vitamins, and minerals that your dog requires. If you’re unsure whether or not the food you’re preparing meets healthy requirements, you can always purchase and add a balanced supplement.

Food Toxicity & Dogs

Just because a certain food is good for you doesn’t always mean you should share it with your pup. In fact, there are many foods that humans can safely enjoy that can be extremely toxic, even deadly, to dogs. Refer to the infographic below to see what kinds of foods you should keep away from your pup. You can also download your own copy for easy reference!

Infographic about foods that are toxic to dogs


We are not veterinarians or canine nutritionists; we are providing you with our recommendations based on years of experience of caring for thousands of dogs with a variety of health issues.

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