Our Bulldog & Animal Rescue Story


Road Dogs & Rescue rescues bulldog breeds, with our primary focus being complicated medical dogs, seniors and special needs puppies. They are the most likely to be euthanized. They are often dumped at shelters or abandoned at veterinary clinics. Some regard them as defective and shun them. We see them as just differently beautiful and differently abled and they deserve to live amazing lives!



Love is simply Kindness and Compassion in action. At Road Dogs, we witness that every day.

We are incredibly fortunate to have supporters like you. We share our rescues and in return, you share your hearts and care enough to help save more lives. You are Facilitators of Happiness.

Thank you for traveling this road with us.


The name Road Dogs stemmed from our founder, Nikki Carvey’s love of cars – especially classic cars!

Plus isn’t a Road Dog also that special friend, that fellow traveler who rides along the journey of life with us.

We all need a Road Dog in our lives. And we all need to be somebody’s Road Dog!

It’s All About Lovable Lemons

Road Dogs & Rescue was founded by bulldog-loving Brit, Nikki Carvey. She started volunteering for an organization called Ace of Hearts over 10 years ago. They rescue a lot of American Bulldogs and she had a Pit Bull and an American Bulldog at the time. When her Pit Bull, Vinny died, she rescued an English Bulldog, Huxley aka Bukowski aka Grumplestiltskin! She wasn’t planning on keeping him but he made her laugh so much she foster-failed. Huxley cemented her commitment to rescuing bulldogs.

Because although they are ‘cute’ and expensive, many wind up in the shelters or unwanted because people do not realize how expensive they can be to maintain. Eye issues, skin issues, joint issues – you name it, bulldogs get it. They are the Lovable Lemons of the canine world!